“Geeky Sacramento”

LiveWire is excited to introduce the first of a several shows featuring Geeky Sacramento. We will have several shows over the next year that will let you on some of Sacramento’s geeky fun. Organizer of Sac Geeks meet up group, Steph Rector will be on the show along with some of her friends to tell us all about local events you can get involved in. Sac Geeks are a collective of people who love things like role playing games (RPG), Shakespeare lovers, Science Fiction, historical re-enactments, retro and vintage toy collectors, and so much more! They currently have a collectable deck of playing cards available, but you have to scavenge for them around Sacramento. Lots of local businesses and organizations including Access Sacramento have one of more of the cards available for you to collect. Looking for a Movies on a Big Screen card? We may just have one for you when you come by. Steph may let us in on some tips on where you can find even more cards around town. She’ll also be talking about a special online vote for the Best of Geeky Sacramento that you can take part in.

To learn more about Sac Geeks log on to www.SacGeeks.com

Tune in to LiveWire on Wednesday, July 25th at 5pm on Access Sacramento channel 17 or watch the simulcast online at www.AccessSacramento.org and click ‘watch 17’.