In as little as 8 to 30 seconds, people form fairly lasting impressions about you. They look at you and think about your economic status, your physical fitness, whether you look like an intelligent person or not, etc. There is much to be assumed with just one glance. The axiom “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is very much true. But how much does it cost to make a good impression?

Thanks to the Bureau of Labor Statistics we have an exact amount of the total that Americans spend on making their good impression. The average household spends $435 for men and boys and $749 for women and girls in apparel each month.

At times we may find ourselves paying a high price for good looks. By good looks, I mean the outfits we wear. Why is it that when we go to a store we seek the “clearance” or “sale” racks first in order to “save” money? When we ignore the one way that we know for a fact will save us good money. Looking great doesn’t have to cost so much, regardless of what your style is!

There number of thrift stores in the United States are increasing not only because of the economy downfall that started years go, but also because people are starting to realize that what prevented them from shopping at a thrift store was nothing more than pride and because we are fooled by our companions into thinking that shopping at a thrift store is exclusively for the poor.

Allow me to correct that. Sure, it’s not the most beautiful store you’ve ever walked into, but it will be the greatest place for great deal buys. There are many brand name items that you can find when you truly take the time to look around. Some of my favorite jeans I’ve bought at a thrift store. You can find things that are extremely fashionable! No one is really going to care where you got your clothes from, all they’re going to see in those first 8 to 30 seconds is whether you look great or not.

There are more than 28 thrift stores in Sacramento. Don’t be a fool of brand names, you don’t need to pay top dollar for good clothes. Just because it doesn’t cost as much, doesn’t mean its not worth it. Looking good, is feeling good. But lets feel good about the size of our wallets after we shop as well. Hopefully you’re able to give it a shot and may give yourself the opportunity of visiting a thrift store near you!