Steve Streeter(project coordinator), Carrie Black(project coordinator), Garrett Black(instrument teacher)

Steve Streeter&Carrie Black(project coordinators), Garrett Black(instrument teacher)

During Summer, most kids are stuck at home playing with electronics, while the others are repeatedly spending time outside with nothing new to do.

YMCA is hosting a Summer Fun Program for the local kids at Max Baer park from the hours of 10-2p.m. Monday through Thursday, ending on August 24.  The program provides a safe, learning environment  to help promote self-esteem, leadership and fun.

There is a fee of $35, but don’t be worried. The program is flexible for struggling families and may offer assistance for your children. Children who participate regularly will be eligible for an end of the simmer field trip.

Streeter and Black  coordinates the extended Friday program and encourages all children to attend. The program is highly educational, which is a great opportunity to keep kids ready for school.

For more information, please play the interview below with Steve Streeter and Carrie Black, and view the poster underneath.