On July 11th, two Hiram Johnson Main campus Students, Adrian Chao and Lorena Ceballos from the Pesticide Watch leadership program, were awarded a certificate of completion from District 9 Assembly Member Roger Dickinson. The meeting kicked off at 12:15 and was held at his district office at 915 L Street, Suite 110. I met with the youth and their advisor, Asael Sala, around 12:00 and then we walked to Dickinson’s. When we arrived we were kindly greeted by Dickinson’s staff they showed us around the office. When Dickinson arrived we all got well aquatinted.

As soon as we sat down the youth immediately started informing Dickinson and his staff about what they have learned from their internship with Pesticide Watch and their plans to bring a pesticide free community garden to their school. Dickinson loved the idea he shared his opinions about how important pesticide-free gardens are and how he could help and suggested how they should link up with the farmers markets in the South Sacramento area.

The youth also spoke about the small learning community at their school called “The Health House” and how they were involved with the Stockton and Broadway Mc Donald’s drive thru plan brought before the City Council. The youth then received their awards and took a few pictures.

For more information about Pesticide Watch please check out the link below.

Pesticide Watch