On July 5th 2012 I attended my first Oak Park Neighborhood Association meeting. It’s also known as “OPNA”. The meeting is located at 3333 3rd Ave and they have it on the first Thursday of every month at the Sacramento food bank from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. It was pretty cool, over forty people attended. They were saying that was the most people they have seen come to a neighborhood meeting. I didn’t even know they had a neighborhood meeting in Oak Park! I really didn’t think people cared that much. I was invited by a guy named Steven Root, he was pretty cool. When I first got there they had hot dogs and chips, which was bomb!

The first person that spoke was a police officer named Don Davis. He talked about burglaries in Oak Park. He said most of them are juveniles and the burglaries happen in broad daylight. He said if we see anything suspicious to call it in. When people call in because they’re suspicious about something it helps them out a lot because it makes them catch the bad guys faster. He also took questions from the people of the neighborhood about problems in Oak Park. Some questions were about whether or not they should call the police officers if they see traffic on their block that is obviously bad traffic. The officer said we should always call it in if we see suspicious activity.

Another person that spoke at the meeting was Tyrone Buckley. He talked about affordable housing in crisis. He talked about how there are 50% of people living in low income housing. The foreclosure crisis also impacts home renters, as renters don’t get to see what goes on with the bank. He also talked about “Permanent Supportive  Housing”; this housing helps the homeless, and gives them special resources to get the help they need. It takes seven or eight years to complete this housing, but they lost the funding for it.

At the meeting they also had a few announcements, some about events that I wish to attend for future articles. One announcement was a fitness announcement, they said they are having a free boot camp at McClatchy Park at 12pm twice a month and for more information you can email them at longevityfit.sac@gmail.com. They are having a boot camp this Saturday July 7th at 12pm. They said the more people that attend the more days they can have it. And they are also kid friendly, so you can bring your kids too.

Another announcement was from the Oak Park Farmers Market. They were saying to go to their Face book page and like them. Find out the word of the day and tell it to one of the people and they will give you five dollars to spend at the market. I thought that was pretty cool.

And that’s pretty much my experience attending a neighborhood meeting. I thought it was pretty awesome because their focus was on Oak Park. And that’s my hood!