Living on a day-by-day basis isn’t easy, yet several individuals find themselves in that situation. According to the Sacramento Countywide Homeless Street Count of 2011, chronic homelessness in Sacramento has decreased 50.8% since 2007. Overall homelessness has decreased by 15.8% since 2009, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all good news.

Sacramento families have also had to endure the rough times that a person must go through while not having a home. An increase of 11.2% in family homelessness in Sacramento has been reported from 543 in 2009 to 604 in 2011. Fortunately, for these families without a roof, there are shelters which they may visit to register and spend the night as well as enjoy a warm meal.

One of these shelters is the Maryhouse, a program by Loaves and Fishes, an organization dedicated to provide food for the needy. This specific location is a daytime hospital and shelter for women and children. In the past year 1,584 women and 978 children received services at Maryhouse.

Young mothers that are unable to provide for their children are often unsupported by family members. At times they can also be dealing with domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse. For a fresh start, women come to the Maryhouse. At Maryhouse, women and their children are able to relax in a welcoming and comforting environment that assist them in getting back up on their feet whether that takes a short or long period of time.

The aroma of French toast, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal are some of the scents that are encountered upon arrival. A warm breakfast is always served at the Maryhouse with the help of local church member volunteers.

A hero can always use a little help. The staff members and volunteers from the Maryhouse may be doing their job more than perfectly well but there’s always room for another lending hand. Some of the “undercover” items needed this month include women’s new underwear, new or gently used bras, and maxi-pads and tampons.

To drop off any of the highly needed items for women with children without a home, you may take them to 1351 North C Street Sacramento, CA 95811 Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 2:30pm. To make a monetary donation go to

Keep in mind that every bit counts, and a noble gesture such as donating simple items can make you someone’s hero. Let’s be Super, Sacramento! ….I believe in us!