The “Green Studio” equipment has been received, final paperwork being reviewed, and excitement is mounting. In the next few weeks, the Central Downtown Library will be the site of the second Newtek Tricaster “Green Studio” managed by The Public Library, assisted by Access Sacramento staff, and funded by the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission.

Dev Singh, Access Director of Operations, has been preparing for this day for more than a month – ordering all the equipment needed for a three-camera TV studio with the Tricaster as the central switching and special effects device. Valued at more than $30,000, the equipment package will be housed in a secure 4th floor conference room. Library staff, under the supervision of Rivkah Sass, County Library Director, are review possible uses of the gear.

 Singh commented, “We have been using our ‘Green Studio’ at the Coloma Center studios for about two-years now and we are excited to share what we know with the Library staff.”Singh will continue as the lead liaison for Access Sacramento, providing training and support to Library Staff. Programming to be created at the Library “studio” is still under discussion. Ultimately, the Library will determine how the equipment is to be used to produce programming for channels 17 & 18.

“The chroma-key and virtual studio special effects capability of the ‘Green Studio’ really sparks our imagination”, stated Lori Easterwood, Programming Director for the Library. “We have so many wonderful programs at the 27 library locations throughout the County, this equipment will help us to promote them. The timing for us is great and we thank the Access Sacramento Board and the Cable Commission for including us in their long-range planning.”

The funding for three new “Green Studios” was approved by the Access Board and the Cable Commission at their June meetings. In the coming months, two more “Green Studios” will be added to the services of The Nonprofit Resource Center on the Garden Highway and at the Asian Resources – “Building Healthy Communities” offices on Stockton Blvd.

Access Sacramento’s Executive Director Ron Cooper, summarized the essence of the new expansion plan. “Working with key partner agencies throughout the County”, he explained, “we are adding television production resources in the heart of distinct, well established, communities. Our Operations budget does not permit extensive personnel expansion, but the Cable Commission has agreed to fund new equipment based upon our success with the AccessLocal Neighborhood News Bureau partnership program. Each of our NNB agencies is trusted and effective in service to their constituents. Who better to help them ‘tell their stories’ on the cable channels and online?”