One of my favorite photos I’ve taken in Alaska.

By Pavoua Thao

It’s always been said that pictures can capture a thousand words. It is true in every essence of the phrase. I am not a professional photography by any means, but whole-heartedly, I am a photo enthusiast. I love colors, lighting, props, poses, apertures, capturing the perfect moment, basically photography.

I don’t want money for my skills, the one thing I really want to do is expose the beautiful in what we all see as not. There are gemstones all over Sacramento. Graffiti, old buildings, simple lampposts, people, open spaces can all be great pictures.  Photography is all about perception. Everyone perceives things uniquely.

I teach photography occasionally to relatives and friends. It’s such a rewarding feeling. It brings everyone together. At the end of the day, we get to see who took the best pictures and who used what was taught that day. I can feel all the awesome, happy chemicals in my head. This simple art form, no matter if it’s digital or film, do bring communities together.

Growing up I was really shy; I didn’t have a lot of friends. Taking pictures was how I spoke. Through photography, I’ve made great friends as well. So pick up a camera! Whether a DSLR, point and shoot camera, or even your phone and start shooting!