On Saturday July 7th, I went to the Oak park Farmers market for the first time. It was at McClatchy Park, it was nice it had a great vibe, fresh vegetables, fruits and music. I never seen so many fresh grown fruits, I did some shopping and I was able to use my EBT Card. That was great, I had no idea they accepted EBT. I wanted to spend ten dollars out of my EBT card, so they gave me ten more dollars to spend at the farmers market. I got fresh peaches, cucumbers, strawberry’s, and tomatoes.

While I was walking around I saw that there was an ice cream stand and a man named Dave Feldpausch was selling homemade ice cream Popsicles. What made his ice cream so good was that it was made without dairy, his business card says “no fats, no drips, no dairy”. He told me his ice cream was made with real fruit. I got a strawberry ice cream and it was so delicious. I recommend everyone should try this guys ice cream, for more information go to, www.davepops.com. I asked some farmers where their food comes from and Certified Organic told me their food comes from Holister. It takes two hours for them to get to the Oak Park farmers market. Certified Organic is family owned. If they have any leftovers they sell it at another market the next day or they feed it to their goats. Another farmer I talked to was the people from Strawberry Patch, they are also family owned. They said it only takes them five minuets to get to the Oak Park Market. What ever is left over they make all the left over strawberry’s into jams and sell those.

After I was done shopping I got to speak to the manager of the farmers market, Joany Titherington. I met her a couple days before at the OPNA meeting on  Thursday. She was really cool and down to earth, I asked her how long has the farmers market been going on in Oak Park. She told me  it’s been around since 2010, this was their third year making the farmers market happen. In 2010 they started out in an empty lot on Broadway across from Old Soul. Joany does all the outreach herself, she goes to other farmers markets to see how they sell their stuff. She takes down peoples names and contact information. She also gets the County Add Certified Growers List from all different county’s from a one hundred fifty mile radius. She makes A LOT of phone calls, about three thousand five hundred phone calls to get people to come out and sell. Ten percent of the list was interested in going to the Farmers Market , the other percent only sold to grocery stores and the others only grew for seed for other farmers. In the next five years Joany would like to see more vendor’s, more site improvement’s and a permanent structure so they will never have to take everything down.

I hope this article will make people want to go to the Oak Park Farmers Market it is on Saturdays, 9am – 1pm
May 5, 2012 – October 27, 2012 at McClatchy Park at 35th ST. and 5th Ave


Joany Titherington on the right.

They take EBT! 🙂

Dave Feldpausch. “Dave Pops

Fresh herbs!