The typical teenager in the neighborhood is either always outside or always glued to their couch. But the real question here is why do these teens stay in the house? Some because they probably can’t leave and their parents would rather them not go outside and run in the streets, but what do they do in the house all day? All I can possibly think of is watching television or getting on Facebook, and probably playing Xbox or Playstation.

As I grew up I never really made technology a part of my life. It might of have been because I never had the latest Xbox or Playstation. But many kids world’s only revolve around these things because that’s all they know. Many kids don’t like going outside because they rather watch cartoons, my sisters boyfriend Nathaniel Rallamas stated “There is no better mornings then Saturday morning cartoons”. But he does not watch cartoons everyday because he does not have access to them like some kids do.

Living in the 21st century can be hard for the baby boomers to adapt to. As my dad likes to say “Growing up we just walked and found something to do, we never had Xbox”. I always reply “But the streets have changed and in almost every neighborhood there is gang violence.” Most of their parents don’t want them to get involved in these type of activities. They would rather their kid sit on the couch all day but the con to that is that your child may become anti-social and only know how to socialize through these social media platforms. But the real reason why none of these kids leave is because their parents just want what’s best for them and if technology is your kids pastime activity like Xbox or Facebook, just know that it is hard for kids to realize that there’s more to life then “Black Ops” and how many people poke you on Facebook.