At La Familia Counseling Center they have a wide series of programs, but one that stands out to me is called “Club Excel”. Isaac Gonzalez of Access Sacramento coordinated a club that will be going on Friday’s from 3-6 . The club is a place for kids not to be shy and to express the way they feel through both technology and art. The picture on the left hand side is a picture of  kids painting Polynesian masks and the picture on the right hand side  is a picture of Isaac Gonzalez and fellow Neighborhood News Correspondent Boon Thao with other members of Club Excel who are going through a 4-week production of a youth talk show called “Talk The Talk”. I will be shooting the video.

As a member of Club Excel I can say that their are only pros to this program. “Members of Club Excel have a chance to spend their Fridays having fun with their peers in a safe environment.” says Gonzalez. Being a part of this program really shows me that diverse ethnicity’s and people of somewhat the same ages can have a good time and change lives while doing it. The staff of Youth Voice, another program at La Familia, are all members and apart of this program. Youth Voice was a program where they teach kids how to go out and help their community and to talk about local things happening in the community.

In 4 weeks I will be writing a article about the process and the work it took to produce “Talk The Talk”. Talk the Talk will be posted on at that time as well. I believe Club Excel won’t change the world, but it will definitely spark the minds within people that will. For more information contact