On Saturday June 30th the Cornerstone Theater Company hosted Talk It Out: “Zero” a play held at the Guild Theater in the Oak Park area. When I arrived I was immediately greeted and offered drinks and refreshments. The courtyard located around back was filled with actors from the play, their friends and family members. The doors opened around 2:00 pm. and visitors quickly grabbed their seats to wait for the play to begin.

During the play I was honestly moved, the topics were easy to relate to the actors captured the crowd;s attention. The play wasn’t any ordinary play because the crowd actually played a role in it. In between each of the three skits the Master of Ceremonies would ask a number of questions to the crowd.

“Do you think it is the teachers responsibility to raise your children?” and “ Is it the teachers and administrations fault for a student failing in school?” really got the crowd going and sparked deep conversations. Each time the MC would ask a question pretty much every one in the crowd would raise there hand either in agreeance or to comment. 

The youth volunteers that would pass the mic to different people in the crowd to speak really got there daily workout in. In fact the discussion was so good that we completely lost track of time. Over all the play was amazing and if you missed it I urge you to go see it.

I left the play more aware of the struggles troubled youth face and how under-trained school administrators are in our community. Now that we are aware of the problems I guess the next step is to find the solution’s. From more information about Cornerstone Theater Company or to get involved to find the solution check out the link bellow.

Thanks you,