By Elicia Clement

Hi my name is Elicia Clement. I currently reside in the south Sacramento area.  Recently I have observed a problem in the gay community. Homosexual individuals are being targeted because of their sexual preference.  Non homosexuals are attacking the gay community physically and emotionally. It’s getting harder and harder for the homosexuals to coincide with today’s community. People call lesbians and gays abominations saying that they are the devils creature because they choose to live our lives in sin which isn’t true at all. Most gay people were born that way meaning they were born being attracted to the same sex.

I have personal education on this topic that I wish I never was opened to. My best friend Hillary is a lesbian. She has suffered from discrimination not only from random people but some of the people who are close to her are the same people who judge her the most. She is a very strong person but I don’t belive that she can hang on much longer. She has never been physically abused for what she is but she is emotionally tortured. I have to been subjected to this unforgiving torment by those who assume that I am bisexual because I surrounded myself with the gay community because I feel that there is nothing wrong with them. My mom used to tell me that words could never hurt you but I believe so differently now due to the torment I’ve seen others go through and the torment I’ve been through. The anguish these people are subjected to isn’t good and it needs to be brought to light.

I hear that President Obama is trying to pass a law that will protect not only gays but also transgender people from being discriminated against. It might also allow the homosexuals to get married. Honestly I don’t belive that this is going to help much. It’s great that Obama is trying to help our gay community but some people just won’t change.  I belive that this needs to not only be a law passed but make sure that this law is enforced. The gay community deserves to be able to live in peace. So we need to educate others about this problem in an effort to stop this mistreatment.

“Love is blind it sees no race, sex, or gender “

Via Gabriel Ramirez, Neighborhood News Correspondent