“You don’t know what you got until it is truly gone.” A wise man once told me that. Although he may have set the example, he never truly was the wise man he claimed to be. He also stated “Never judge a book by its cover”. The wise man could say the wisest and truest things but he could never take his own advice. This man was related to one of my siblings.

The first time I met this man he was solid, smart and true, and would never turn his back on the people who showed him love. But when we said our farewells, he did the most ignorant and childish thing a man could ever do; he laid hands on my blood, and flushed away his entire future.

The man had it; all a loving wife, two wonderful boys and a job awaiting his arrival, he had just applied at FedEx, had got the job, and was supposed to start Monday morning. But on that Sunday night, he got intoxicated and assaulted his sister. The man who gave wise words but did not hear them was transformed by alcohol, and I could care less about him. He truly did not know what he had and now it is gone.

The man had a family to run to whenever he was in-and-out of jail, yet he wanted to go back. I judged him by his cover I thought he was a wise man he truly was just a wise thinker, but it turned out he was just an ignorant actor who never thought before he acted. The moral to the story Sacramento, is to trust no one even if they are family because this community is like a jungle and it’s every man for himself.