Have you seen the big cube downtown next to the cathedral? Do you know what the cube represents? Well, it represent carbon waste and 40 of those are what Sacramento family’s produce each year. So on Monday June 25 at 10:00am sharp The City of Sacramento, Greenwise Joint Venture and 350 Sacramento hosted an event not only to inform the public but also to reward people that joined them online to make a pledge. The event kicked off with a few speeches and recognitions.

There were tons of news reporters and crowds of people, not to mention all the information booths. The event soon rapped up around 11:00. The importance of this event was very high for a lot of residents are unaware of how much waste and pollution they let out let alone how much energy they burn. But with all the amazing going green projects and more green buildings being development Sacramento is headed for the right path. For more ways on how to cut you cube or if your just interested in making a pledge to cut your cubes check out this website and like them in Facebook http://www.cutyourcubes.com/ and feel free to check out the photos from the event below.