“Promotional Video Highlights Access Sacramento Services”

During the June 21 “LIVE” Annual Membership Meeting on channel 17, we premiered a new 3 minute promo for the organization. Produced by Carlos Hernandez (program playback & production) and written by Dawn D. Deason (Access Sacramento Board member), the video highlights many wonderful facets of Access Sacramento, our services and our people. Too often, we find ourselves caught up in the day to day operations without taking time to promote the station.

Deason’s script provided an opportunity to showcase what we do at Access Sacramento.Thanks also go to several volunteer cast members. Serving as the narrator, Mei is a very successful spokesperson, actor, and producer. Her professionalism and pleasant demeanor makes it a pleasure to work with her. Credit also goes to several Access Sacramento Community Producers who also appeared in the promo: Alison Wells, Michelle Barbaria, Ben Hibbler, and all who dedicated time to this project.

Check ot the Promo at www.AccessSacramento.org