“New LED Lights Brighten Studio and Field Productions”



Volunteer producers are expressing great appreciation for the “cool” new lights hanging in the studio grid. Not only are they easy to use, the Ikan ID 1000 lighting instruments are actually much cooler in both heat produced and wattage of electricity required. They can be dimmed, include barn doors, and draw only 10% of the power required by their “hot, hot, hot” predecessors. In addition to requiring less electricity, lowering air conditioning costs, the lights themselves will last 10,000 hours.






Soon, each portable light kit will also be equipped with a battery powered version of these LED “cool” lights. Each of the portable camera kits will have an Opteka VL-120 Ultra Camcorder Video Light and Battery. These small but powerful on-camera lights are also fully dimmer controlled and deliver 700 LUX of light. Both lights, because of the LED bulbs, are cool to the touch no matter how long they are on.

LED lights are safer to use, last longer, and require much less power. Another improvement in video production for our volunteer studio and field producers.