On Tuesday June 26th WALKSacramento held and a pedestrian count event on Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road in the south Sacramento area, this event consisted of local residents and WALKSacramento members. Volunteers came with positive attitudes eager and willing to give their evenings up for a good cause.

Around 4:10 is when everyone suited up in their bright orange vests and gathered together just as Teri Duarte (WalkSacramento executive director) began to give everyone there location to cover. Then the games began everyone took their crosswalks and set up shop.  The event ran smoothly and effective lot of data was collect. I was glad to be apart of this event for I was extremely unaware of not only how unsafe that area was for pedestrians and bicyclists but how many people jaywalk.

I also learned how unreasonable some of the crosswalk timers are, going north bound on Stockton Boulevard the crosswalk timer only allowed 20 seconds tops for pedestrians. Unfortunately, most of the pedestrians only got half way before the time ran out. During the two-hour period roughly a total of 300 pedestrians and 80 bicyclists were counted.

The pedestrian count began to wrap up around 6:00, but the party continued in The Stockton Boulevard partnership where everyone grabbed some refreshments and began to debrief. The debrief was very effective and everyone spoke about things that surprised them, changes that could be made and what not overall the event was a success and I cant wait to the see that data collected used in there next meeting on July 11 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the Stockton Boulevard Resource Center, 5625 Stockton Boulevard. For more information or to get involved check out their website http://www.walksacramento.org/

Below are pictures from the event, I would love for you guys to check them out and give me your feedback.