By Elissa Valentina Aguilar

Will changing from an Elk Grove school district to a Sacramento district affect my future? Towards the end of my eighth grade school year, I was full of excitement. I was looking forward to the endless possibilities and opportunities. I worked hard all through out the year and it was paying off. I wrote letters, did final project’s and interviews for all of the classes I planned on attending.

Unfortunately, I transferred school districts and found out the same opportunities no longer exist. Many classes and outside school activities are being cut off. Compared to an Elk grove or an Antelope school district they are financially provided by many of the student’s parents or have yet to be affected by these budget cuts. Now, I am faced with the reality of having to use public transportation, which is usually provided to students. Besides it causing a hardship for my parents it also affects my safety due to the neighborhood I live in. I now worry that wont be the only thing that will be taken away from me.

I don’t feel it’s fair that some schools get affected by this more than others because good students can be found anywhere and just might not have the same support or opportunities offered to them. I am feeling very discouraged that all that hard work was for nothing and that my goals are unreachable. Will I have to work twice or just as hard as a ‘privileged’ student due to the fact that there is so much competition to enter into a good college?