By Catherine Chenault

Hi, I am a incoming senior at Hiram Johnson High School and recently my school and other schools in my district have been going through budget cuts. Many programs have been cut or threatened because of this, such as summer school for those who want to get ahead, sports, and classes.

I’ve also learned that my school may not offer A.P calculus next year, a class that I was planning on taking. If there is no Calculus class offered next year then I will not have a math class for my senior year, and that is something that could effect my chances of getting into a good college. I was told that because there are only twenty students wanting to take the class the school did not want to waste money so it would be canceled. But a friend of mine that took Chinese three this year said there were only thirteen kids in her class. I am not saying either class is more important then the other, but it is unfair for me or any other student to have to accept that fact that we have work extremely hard to get ahead and be in the position to take advanced classes. And then turn around and have our school tell us they are not going to offer the class.

I understand the district is struggling, but at the end of the day it is the students who come up short.