Written by Jamie Ramirez.

What’s up people in Sacramento, my name is Jamie Ramirez. I am going to be writing about my experiences hanging out with the wrong crowd in school, and also about how some teachers seem like they just don’t care what happens to us after we get kicked out of school.  While I think some of us deserve to be kicked out or suspended, depending on what we did, I also think some of us are just trying to reach out to someone.

I been through three schools in one school year, each school would suspend me until they would kick me out. They never asked me what was wrong. They never asked me why i was acting the way I was, they just kept moving me along from school to school.

The third school I am attending right now is not really all that great. But since it’s my third time being put in a new school I know now that I need to focus on my school work. Attending a school where you think the teachers don’t care about you is hard to go to. I think me and my friends believe that the teachers don’t really care about us because we are “trouble makers” but we all still manage to come to school everyday and do our best.

I learned in the last school year that my education matters and it’s going to affect me if I don’t have one. I’m going to stay away from the people that start drama and start hanging out with the right crowd. I always been labled as a “bad kid” because of the crowd I hung out with. So next school year I will be focused and ready to learn, and not worry about anything else but my school work. But as for the teachers I really wish that they would ask if we were ok or if something is bothering us before they start assuming the worst from us.