WHY HELLO THERE, my name is Charles Chenault (shhh uh NO) and I am a 17-year-old incoming high school senior. I grew up in a family of four and I also went to four elementary schools until I moved to the heart of South Sac where I attended Will C. Wood Middle School. That’s where I started to actually care about school and stopped wasting my time. Moving schools a lot really took its toll on me, but it also taught me how to adapt to my surroundings and make new friends, pretty much it made me into a social butterfly. Anyways…

Growing up I always had a passion for architecture; in fact I spent hundreds of dollars of my parents funds on Legos. Legos allowed me to express my self, they gave me the ability to create whatever I wanted in a constructive way. I feel all kids should have a positive outlet to help them release stress or energy. I am also big on bike riding, it’s like one of my favorite newfound hobbies, it is SO RELAXING, peaceful and calming. Other hobbies I do in my spare time are things like photography, film making and editing.

A weird fact about me is I have a bad addiction to “thriftting” (thrift store shopping). It’s like really bad, I should have my own “True Life” episode or something. In the beginning of high school, I was still finding out who I was and what I might I want to do with my life. I thought my freshman year would be scary like in the movies and stuff, but it wasn’t at all. Freshman year is when I started to get involved with the community and give back.

Being a Neighborhood News Correspondent is a honor, not only does it allows me to serve you, but it also allows me to report on things that happen in the community to keep you and other neighbors updated and aware. If I could describe myself in one word it would be “undefined”,  for I highly dislike being average or a normal teenager. I strive to be different in a positive way. Being normal kind of bores me-it’s like living life with out a purpose. I feel if you’re not either creating something or achieving a short-term goal everyday then you’re wasting life.

In conclusion I hope you like and can relate to my blog, feel free to give me your input and feedback it will be high appreciated, and if there is something going on in the community you would like me to blog about it also feel free to contact me via email @ mrcharleschenault@gmail.com. Thank you.