Are you looking to start your own business? Do you need assistance obtaining economic stability? Great news! There’s a non-profit organization here in Sacramento that can help you with that! Opening Doors has been in Sacramento assisting individuals though an intensive 6-month program called MoneyWork$. This program is designed to help you gain financial control.

Throughout the program you will learn from experts in different institutions which each come prepared to share their knowledge from their field of work. A graduate of this program and small business owner, Sandy Belio, told me a bit more in detail what students learn by taking the course.

“We learned about the several different types of bank accounts and savings accounts available, what the differences were between them and how to select one based on our needs” says Belio. Creating and keeping a household budget is also one very important aspect of the program that many graduates are thankful for.

With MoneyWork$ you will identify your personal financial goals and will discuss them with a financial coach. The financial coach is responsible for teaching you how to achieve your goals by working step-by-step to obtain them. If you’re planning on purchasing a home, this course will definitely work for you as well. Bank loan specialists, accountants, tax preparers all form part of the team of experts you will be learning from. From buying your first home to obtaining a loan for a small business, the importance of credit and how to obtain a good score, it’s all taught in the MoneyWork$ course.

If you’re ready for a financial makeover call Nele at 916.492.2591 or visit
Six months sounds like a long time, but those 6 months of intensive learning will be one of the best investments of time you’ve ever made!