Last Saturday afternoon, Tahoe Park held yet another successful park clean up. It was a beautiful morning and volunteers were working hard. The Neighborhood Association, Fire Department, local Key Clubs and volunteers from Hands On Sacramento worked together to tidy up the pathways, sidewalks and street. The Neighborhood Association had a beautiful spread of fruits, snacks, water and juice to keep volunteers on their toes.

I was lucky enough to join in on the fun, along with a handful of Hands On Sacramento volunteers. Hands On Sacramento is a great organization dedicated to bringing volunteers and organizations in need of volunteers together.

I have volunteered, as a project leader, for the park clean up projects for about four months now and I really enjoy it. I get to chat with the youth, improve the community, and work with the City of Sacramento. Since the recession, the Department of Parks and Recreation have felt pressure from budget cuts, haven’t we all. So, Sacramento has struggled to keep up with park maintenance because of there lack of employees. It’s kind of silly, that there is all this work to be done, but no money to pay employees to do it. That is why it is important for the community to come out and help keep their parks up to par.  So everyone can enjoy them!

There are dozens of opportunities to volunteer. You can visit for more information about volunteer opportunities near you. Or if you are interested in cleaning parks with me next month, July 21, email me at