There is an empty lot on the corner of my mom’s block, right on Stockton Boulevard, where a motel used to be. On the other side of the street is what used to be a bar. Not that long ago, the bar was shut down, and the motel was demolished. Back when both of these places were still open, there was a lot of foot-traffic around here; from the prostitutes, homeless people, drug dealers, and drunk people. Every morning, when I was on my way to school, I would always see the girls working on the corner. Now that they’re both shut down, the traffic has calmed down. Don’t get me wrong, people are still on the streets, just not all in that one area.

Now, where these two building once were, there’s a large lot that nobody is using. It’s been empty for a while now, and I’m thinking that nobody knows what  should be built there. If it were up to me, I would build something that would help the people that live in that surrounding  area. Even though the foot-traffic has calmed down around that one spot, that does not mean the people are going to stop doing what they do. They’re still around, just more spread out up and down Stockton Boulevard.

This is why I think that someone should build something like a resource center where these building’s once were. There is already a library across the street, and I think bringing another positive building to that spot would make the area better. These people need somewhere to go to find help or information about getting the help they need. I know that a lot of the people on Stockton Boulevard would go to a resource center if it was built.

Maybe if those people saw that they’re building something to help the people in the community, they would want to go in an see what kind of help they can get and they would want to change their lives for the better. Maybe, just maybe, some people will find the help they need to succeed in life.