AccessLocal.TV is very proud to announce the launch of a new project that will feature the voices and stories from young people from all across Sacramento. For the next three months, our new “Neighborhood News Correspondents” will be sharing their personal tales from within their communities, meeting with different groups and organizations who are creating a positive environment for the citizens of Sacramento. Additionally, our correspondents will invite their peers to join into the conversation with their own independently produced blogs and videos.

These correspondents come from different backgrounds, each of which I believe you will find fascinating. I encourage you to read their introductory articles by clicking on their stories at – If you know of a good story lead which the correspondents could follow up on, such as an upcoming community event or a profile on a person who is making a difference in their community, send an email to If appropriate, we’ll assign a correspondent to create an article or video on your suggested subject matter!

By: Isaac Gonzalez

***Editor Note: Isaac Gonzalez is the Neighborhood News Assignment Editor and mentor. Over the next four months, our goal is to grow the number of youth contributors to the site. We invite your suggestions for assignments — thanks.