We here at accesslocal.tv are very proud to announce the launch of new project that will last from now until the end of the summer and will feature the voices and stories from young people from all across Sacramento. For the next three months, our new “Neighborhood News Correspondents” will be sharing their personal tales from within their communities, meeting with different groups and organizations that are creating a positive environment for the citizens of Sacramento, and inspiring their own peers to join into the conversation with their own independently produced blogs and videos.

These correspondents all come from different backgrounds, each of which I believe you will find fascinating. I encourage you to read their introductory articles by clicking on their names below. If you know of a good story lead which the correspondents could follow up on, such as an upcoming community event or a profile on a person who is making a difference in their community, send an email to connector@accesslocal.tv. If appropriate, we’ll assign a correspondent to create an article or video on the subject matter which you suggest!

Without any further adieu, meet our Neighborhood News Correspondents! Again, click on their names to read their full introductions:

MaryAlice Coelho

Hi there! My name is MaryAlice. I am a small town girl from Riverdale, California. I grew up on my family farm with four older brothers and it has shaped me into a tough woman with a strong drive. I moved to Sacramento four years ago, to pursue my International Business and Communication Studies…


Elizabeth Ramirez

Hello people of Sacramento! My name is Elizabeth Ramirez and I am 21-years-old. I was born in Portaville California, but I was raised here in Sacramento. I live in the Oak Park area, a lot of people I know think it’s a bad area but I don’t think so. Sure, maybe some areas need improving, but I love it here. I love how there is so many different cultures in my community…


Heidi Ramirez

Hello! I’m Heidi Ramirez, and I was born and raised in Sacramento and have had the pleasure of living here for 18 of my 20 years of age. I currently attend Sacramento City College and am in pursuit of a degree in Psychology. I’m very excited to be a part of this project for because I’ve never had the opportunity to have any work published before. I’ve been a guest speaker a few times on a local news station, but I’ve never had the chance to truly express myself on certain issues or do anything about them.  I feel that this experience will help me with that…


Gabriel Ramirez

I am a 17-year-old young man who wants his voice to be heard in the world, not just for myself but for the community where I live. When I was growing up, I never knew exactly what direction I wanted to go. The area I was raised in had a lot of bad neighborhood kids, homeless people, and women who use their body to make money. It’s a little neighborhood called Oak Park, where I learned you must strive for yourself in order to survive, and you must only trust your family and your gut…


Boon Thao

Boon (my name), means “lucky” in Thai. I used to despise my name. It was foreign and uncommon, mispronounced and abused with similar words like “boom” and “boob”, causing me to feel discomfort when I heard my own name. When I was in 6th grade, I came up with a new identity; “Tony”. Tony was everything I was, except that Tony was a lie. He wasn’t a nickname, rather just a way for me to hide my childish embarrassments. One day, a good friend of mine asked about my real name. I barely uttered, “Boon.” I’ll never forget what he replied to me next….