On behalf of the Board and staff, we thank our hundreds of volunteers and for the continuing financial support the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission. As Vice-Chair Gary Martin summarized in last weeks newsletter, much has been accomplished in the past year and with your continuing help we have wonderful plans for the coming year and beyond.

Our Cable Commission 2012-13 budget request is for status quo funding for both Operations and New Equipment purchases. However, our plans for the coming year are far from status quo as we continue to decentralize our services and collaborate further with each of you and our many wonderful community partners throughout the County of Sacramento

Our successful efforts to build a network of “Neighborhood News Bureaus” in South Sacramento have realized much success. Since the March 2011 launch of the AccessLocal.tv site, more than 650 new videos, press releases, slides shows, pod-casts, and more populate the site. On average, the web site receives more than 500 unique visitors daily. Starting with the initial five partner organizations, the number of contributing institutions has grown to twelve. Recent partners include the Sacramento City Unified School District, the Sacramento Food Bank, and Twin Rivers Schools District. These “digital content partners” help us to unify the parallel systems of cable television channels and broadband Internet as complimentary delivery systems. All content is easy to upload, easy to disseminate, and scalable — able to add new digital content partners at any time with a short orientation session. All uploaded content is then shared immediately with our media partners the Sacramento Bee “Sacramento Connects” and KXTV News 10 “My Neighborhood” aggregated web sites. This unique use of existing technology enhances professional journalists ability to cover local neighborhood stories they might otherwise miss.

However, our successful initiatives “doing more with less” shall continue in the coming year. Here are five key initiatives to be launched in the coming fiscal year:

· In the coming year, the “Neighborhood News” community content partners will welcome – The California Endowment “Building Healthy Communities” nonprofits, The Sacramento Public Library, The Nonprofit Resource Center, City of Sacramento Neighborhood Services, several local neighborhood associations and others. Our three year goal is to provide training and production services Countywide within a 15 minute drive of any neighborhood in the County.

· In the coming year we will add “LIVE” Event Television on Channel 17. Our coverage of countywide community events and high school sports will take a big step with “LIVE” coverage of at least twenty Hometown-TV and Game-of-the-Week productions. Advances in using bundled cell phone bandwidth will now permit “live” television signals to be transmitted back to the Coloma Center cable channels 17 & 18 and streaming to the world via the Internet.

· Over the next year, the Access Sacramento Board and staff will lead a Countywide Communications Needs Assessment Task Force and include the implementation of a Knight Foundation designed “Community Information Tool Kit”. Working with other groups, in workshop settings, and using Knight designed online research tools, our goal is to “build a stronger community through information exchange”. The Knight Foundation program has been beta-tested in Georgia, Pennsylvania and San Jose, California. It includes an analysis of all media in the area – commercial radio, television, community nonprofit media, and newer forms of social media.

· Our community cable radio volunteers are working hard to complete an application for a Low Power FM radio license (LP-FM). It has been a decade since the Federal Communications Commission permitted a new community radio frequency in the Sacramento Region. If successful, “The Voice of Sacramento” will reach a diameter of 6 miles from the transmission source and be able to cover the majority of Downtown and Mid-town Sacramento with local broadcast, commercial-free, radio programming.

· The 2012 Alliance for Community Media Western States Regional Conference will be held in downtown and Old Sacramento on October 18-20, 2012. This six-State event invites hundreds of public, education, and government access and community radio leaders to discuss and plan best practices for their communities. This prestigious gathering is being coordinated by Board and staff from Access Sacramento, Davis Media Access, the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium, KVIE (PBS), and Cable Television Commission Metro 14. I invite each of you to attend our June 21st Annual Membership Meeting at the Coloma Center. I look forward to meeting each of you. Thanks again for your dedication, hard work, and wonderful programming. Let’s continue to work together, making a difference in our communities.