“PCS Films Need Your Help”

Access Sacramento announced the winners of this year’s A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival on June 2nd. The Producers will be making 10 short films over the summer and they need your help.

Each film has various needs including actors, crew, go-fers, locations, location scouts, and craft services, and more! If you think this is something you can do, please give us a call here at the Access Sacramento office or e-mail the filmmakers directly at thier e-mail addresses listed below.

All the films will be played on the big screen at The Crest Theatre on Sunday, October 7th at 1pm.

“Last Chance” by Rocky Regino onlyraquel@hotmail.com
Nate, a young journalist meets up with Mara, a quirky mystery woman he is set up to work with by his sister. She gives him a fresh perspective into appreciating what he’s got.

“Restitution” by Cheryl Wynton cjwynton@sbcglobal.net
Paula, a woman who has been robbed by young and tough Veronica gets a chance for restitution. They are both surprised by what they discover.

“Man vs. Sacramento” by Ian Wynton cjwynton@sbcglobal.net
Cub, an adult scout, learns to survive in Sacramento in this spoof of the popular show. Where will he find food, shelter, and all the things a scout needs? Join him on his Capitol adventure!

“Cookie Monster” by Rob Anderson randerson151@comcast.netTaylor is a clean freak. This doesn’t stop him from joining his family on an outing with his 5 year old relative, Riley. A bag of cookies is passed around and more than sweets are shared.

“Squatter” by Matthew Gilliam

Old Sacramento has many curiosity shops and when Alex, a young adult, and his friends stumble into one, they find a fifth friend. Their new pal may not be who they think he is.

“The Yogasm” by Colin Swift swift@lilacneuronmedia.com

Buddies Hal and Les like to make a sport of womanizing. When they overhear a couple of Yoginis talking about their ‘hot’class they decide to check it out. The insight they gain is more than they ever planned.

“Bracero Brothers” by Christa Bella
Inspired by actual events, brothers Humberto and Carlos, migrant farm-workers, set out on a journey to Sacramento. Discovering challenges along the way, they persevere to find their path.

“The Producer” by Dänna Wilberg

dannasjourney@sbcglobal.comAdam and Sara, filmmakers on tight schedule, struggle to care for Adam’s ailing mother, Evelyn, an actor. When Evelyn passes Adam feels remorse. The ‘big screen’ isn’t empty. It’s now showing its brightest star, Evelyn.

“Fate – A Miwok Story” by Laura Tapia & Victoria Gary vg91680@yahoo.comEx-boxing champion, Johnny Four Bears is confused by his dreams until he meets Sky Dancer, a young female boxer. She may carry the magic Johnny needs. Could it be fate?

“Underwater” by Frank Ingram

Phoenix, a little tike, gets ideas when she hears her parents arguing about their home foreclosure. Imagination and magic play a part in the solution of their problems.

There’s still time to join in the fun and volunteer to help this summer. You can e-mail the filmmakers at their e-mails listed above, visit www.AccessSacramento.org, or call us in the office at 9(16) 456-8600 x0.

Come and make a movie this summer!

Michelle A. Barbaria, Access Sacramento Office Manager, Producer, & Community Outreach