Cable Commission 2012-13 Budget Hearing – Continued Funding for Access Sacramento?

This coming Thursday June 7 at 2:30 PM, the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission will meet and decide on budgets for the coming fiscal year. Each of the various grantee organizations have submitted their funding requests. This includes (1) The Cable Commission – regulation and programming -channel 14, (2) KVIE Cable – channel 7, (3) Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium -channels 15 & 16, (4) Access Sacramento – channels 17 & 18.

Due to the fiscal crisis faced by all government and nonprofit organizations, the Access Sacramento Board authorized a “status quo” budget for both Operations and Equipment Only funding. Further, the Board pledged to raise additional funds so that regularly scheduled staff could receive a 2% cost of living allowance, the first such increase in four years.

However, as outlined in last weeks newsletter, the proposed budget plans some exciting new developments and institutional partnerships in the coming year, These include The Public Library system (Countywide), The Nonprofit Resource Center, Asian Resources and “Building Healthy Communities HUB”, City of Sacramento Neighborhood Services and others linked to the new, successful web site

Over the past several weeks Board members and staff have been making presentations to Cable Commission members and staff explaining the details of the proposal. So far the response has been very positive and appreciative of the status quo request for funding.

Plan on attending the June 21 Annual Meeting to hear the details of the project and the results of these budget hearings. Thanks again to all of you for your many contributions and support. We exist because you care….. all the best to each of you.