Three California State University, Sacramento students plan to begin a hunger strike today to protest the CSU tuition hikes and to require the CSU Board of Trustees comply with a four-demand proposal.

The demands are for a five-year moratorium on student fee hikes, the elimination of all 23 campus president’s housing and car allowances as a symbolic step, the reversal of administrative and executive salaries to 1999 levels, and the expansion of the freedom of speech areas to entire campuses.

On Saturday, May 5, the three students will travel to CSU, Long Beach to meet with 10 fellow hunger strikers.

“Students are already starving—having to eat ramen on a daily basis because they cannot afford the costs of living while studying at a university,” says Mildred Garcia, one of the three local hunger strikers. “This hunger strike is not extreme; it is a harsh reality that the CSU Board of Trustees needs to wake up to.”

This protest is being coordinated by a group called Students for Quality Education, a statewide student group on 18 CSU campuses committed to addressing what they see as the educational injustices and inequities students are dealing with in the California State University system.  For more information about Students for Quality Education and the hunger strike visit their website at