Television’s Dr. Oz paid a visit to Sacramento’s Hiram Johnson High School to honor the students who have decided to make healthy food a part of their daily life. Four teams faced off in a challenge to see which could make a healthy and tasty breakfast in less than 10 minutes.

Dr. Oz talks to Felix Martin, a Health Corp Coordinator about the importance of breakfast

A panel of judges and the audience at large reviewed the four teams breakfast options to decide which was the best tasting of the bunch. It was very difficult for the judges to choose as they were all very well made.

TV's Montel Williams tastes a fruit smoothie

“Smoothies are healthy alternative for breakfast when you only have fruit,” says Kieyre Arnold. “We have bananas and raspberries and strawberries and ice, and a little bit of honey in our smoothies. It’s all natural and it has no fat in it.”

Students having fun preparing tasty fruit smoothies

Dr. Oz was making a series of stops all throughout the Sacramento region on Monday as he prepares to roll out and promote several programs focused on health.