by Leticia Garcia

I am going to fail miserably to describe the sound of G. Green, but I will try anyway because you should check them out, they are a hidden gem of the Sacramento music scene. I think of their sound as a splatter of crunching, fuzzy guitars, screechy vocals (but not annoying). Andrew Henderson does it just right, simple drums with a groovy beat, and a bouncy bass moves the songs along. Their music makes me want to thrash about and eat pizza!

Photo by: Derek Kouyoumjian

How to describe them live, well I once called this band “messy rock” because of the way they tore into their songs while playing a show. They are not a polished sounding band, which gives them so much character. Their songs are catchy, and the song writing is creative. When you listen to their recordings you don’t get that feeling of a band trying hard to sound a certain way, it has a natural feel to it, nothing feels forced. This is an absolutely refreshing escape from the conservative humdrum feel of this town that I so often feel sucked into.

And they are a happy looking band too. I remember watching the bassist and one of the guitarist cheesing throughout their whole set. It’s a good feeling when you know that a band is not taking themselves way too seriously and just having fun playing music.

And while they may not take themselves too seriously, they are still a hard working Sacramento band. They have set up tours heading up north several times, and most recently scored an official showcase at the South by South West festival. They’ve released several 7” records on small labels, and just put out a rad full length album called ‘Crap Culture’ (The cover of this album always makes me want to eat pizza – maybe that’s cause they put pizza as the cover, it looks super delicious).

So, like I said, I’m no good at writing band reviews, and I mostly prefer for bands to do the talking themselves, plus Andrew offered a lot of insight into the band which I didn’t want to have to cut short or edit! I also suggest downloading ‘Crap Culture’ and listening to it as you read Andrew’s responses below. Two tracks I highly recommend to start off with are ‘Your House’ and ‘Sinner now’ – they show the talent of this band, and their ability to write fun bouncy songs and switch it up to sound serious. Pay close attention to the guitars in ‘Sinner now’ and at the 1:35 mark you will hear a guitar riff that I love, it colors the song just right. It’s like as if you were painting and you add a color that makes the painting pop! While listening to this song I always have a moment of “Damn, I wish I could come up with a riff like that!” There are plenty of other moments like that on ‘Crap Culture’, so listen to this goodness!

G. Green is:

Andrew Henderson: Guitar, Lead Vocals

Liz Liles: Drums, vocals

Mike: Guitar, Vocals

Simi: Bass

How did you come up with the name G. Green?

AH: I guess I didn’t really. It’s just letters put in a sequence. It was originally Green Green but that’s an anime so I shortened it.

• How long has G. Green been playing around Sacramento?

AH: I started playing shows in Sacramento as G. Green in July 2008. The first couple shows I had Rick Ele playing drums, Julian Elorduy played bass at one show. After those initial performances I played solo, usually with just an acoustic guitar but a couple times with electronics and once with a kick drum and an electric guitar. In August 2009 I formed a full four piece band and there’s been a bunch of different people playing off and on. Liz Liles has been the only drummer since then though.

• I know that you have gone through a few band members, how did the current line-up come to be?

AH: For this line-up I thought for awhile about people who I’d like to play music with. I wanted to find a guitarist and bassist that would be in it to win it, I guess, so I made sure they knew what they were in for. I’ve know Simi Sohota for awhile through KDVS and playing shows/sharing bills with his bands in Sac and Davis. Mike Morales I met through mutual friends. They both said yeah and it’d been great.

• I have read your music described as being garage punk, indie lo-fi pop, dark lo-fi indie rock/pop, and sloppy DIY punk – How would you describe the bands style of music style:

AH: Always the hardest. There’s not really a focus as far as songwriting goes. I write some music and it comes together in the band without much discussion on what genre we’re going for or whatever. But I can’t deny the influence of things I listen to it which is mostly punk rock or stuff derived from that. I like catchy music. But I also like more brooding knuckle dragging scuzz stuff. Basically I just want to be as honest as possible when putting a song out there. Never underestimate the power of a hook.

• Who are your influences/favorite bands?

AH: I could go on forever but I’ll try to keep it to just a few/what I’m most into lately

-80’s/90’s stuff from New Zealand. Flying Nun, Xpressway. I like how those labels weren’t afraid to have noisier bands like the Gordons and the Dead C on their rosters right next to more precious bands like the Chills and Verlaines.

-I’ve recently discovered I really like mid-period Black Flag a lot. I love Husker Du.

-Got really into Pavement recently, Guided By Voices.

-Lots of great stuff from Columbus, OH: Jim Shepard and his band V-3, Ron House and his bands Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments and Psandwich. Mike Rep, Nudge Squidfish.


-As far as current music goes I am most psyched on stuff coming out of Australia. Deaf Wish, Royal Headache, Mad Nanna. Those three bands are so different, too. I like variety in my listening.

• Do you have a main song writer?

A.H.: Yeah, it’s me. Though, in this new line-up, both Simi and Mike have written songs that we now perform.

• What comes first when writing a song, the words or the music (How does a song come about)?

A.H.: Music, always. I don’t know how to write a song any other way. I just play till I find a progression I like then make some more parts. Then I fit it together once I get a vocal melody.

• I know that you work often with Rick Ele – how did you guys meet and start working with him, and how has he helped you gain exposure?

A.H.: I met Rick first on a message board. When I moved to Folsom, CA from Orem, UT I put up a thread asking where the shows were at. He wrote a 5 paragraph essay on the state of local music in Sacramento. I started going to shows in Midtown while writing and recording songs in my bedroom at my parent’s house. I’d always send him cd-r’s and he’d add them to the library at KDVS and people seemed to like them! So he started putting me on shows. He’s helped in so many ways! Without him I wouldn’t be playing music here, most likely. We wouldn’t have ever played out of town, or got records out. The dude is my hero.

• What have been some of your most memorable accomplishments as a band been?

AH: I’d say the length of time Liz and I have kept going despite people leaving the band, etc. is the biggest accomplishment. No way I would have kept going if I didn’t have a solid drummer and friend helping me though all that. It’s pretty cool we’ve done three solid tours so far. We’re pretty young but have that under our belt already.

• What are some of your future goals for the band?

A.H.: Record album #2, U.S. Tour, European tour. That’s short term though, what I want to do within the next 2 years. I try not to think to far in advance.

• What are your thoughts about the Sacramento music scene?

A.H.: I like it. I mean, I have nothing else to compare it to, but there’s so many people here that have been so supportive of me and my band for so long. I like that it’s small but there aren’t a bunch of bands doing the same thing as us. I like that I’m friends with just about everyone involved, and if I’m not yet I would like to be. For the most part everyone tries their best to help each other out. No one’s stepping on toes or competing, I guess because there isn’t really anything to compete for!

• How do you feel you are received in the Sacramento scene?

A.H.: Seems like a lot of people like us. We got a lot of offers for shows, too many really. Makes me feel like we’re wanted which is a good thing!

• What do you find most difficult about being in a band?

A.H.: All of it is difficult. But it pays off. I just like playing music and all the bullshit that goes along with it is manageable at least. Sometimes I’d like to just take a month off from all of it but that’s pretty difficult at this point.

• Can you offer any advice to other bands trying to book a local gig or tour?

A.H.: Email me at and I will get you on a show. There are not enough bands!!! If you’re trying to tour just ask everyone you know who has toured for contacts in the cities you’re trying to play. Hit up bands you like in the towns you’re going thru, or better yet, help a band get a show here and I guarantee they will help you out in their own town.


A.H.: Our next shows:

May 11th at Davis Bike Collective (In Davis) with Uzi Rash & Charles Albright
May 25th in Sacramento at Luigi’s Fungarden with David Leibe Hart and TBA
June 9th in Sacramento at a Secret Place with Screature, Nu Sensae and Stalins of Sound


Swimsuit Drugs b/w Mouth on the Floor 7″ (2009) Out of Order/Orange Regret
I WIll Not Withdraw This Statement 7″ (2010) Malt Duck
Gay 90’s Flexi Disc (2012) Italian Beach Babes
Funny Insurance b/w Sounds Famous (2012) 12XU

Appearance on “Bring Beer” Record Store Day Compilation (2012) 12XU
Crap Culture LP (2012) Mt. St. Mtn.