Each six-months, Access Sacramento’s Board reports to our fiscal partner The Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission (SMCTC), a summary of our recent accomplishments, challenges, the proposed budget and our action plan for the coming fiscal year July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013. We are proud of our many accomplishments and could not achieve them without the help of you, our many hundreds of volunteers, interns, and staff. Thank you!


In the next few issues of our newsletter, we will share highlights of the 2012-13 report and budget. Our plans for the future are built upon the prudent investment of SMCTC Operations and PEG Capital Equipment grant funds plus a grant from The California Endowment. With their financial support and additional revenue from volunteer memberships, series contracts, workshop fees, and production fees from noncommercial sources, Access Sacramento has accomplished much during the past two fiscal years (2010-12) including: (a) extensive radio and video production equipment replacement and (b) the launch of new “Neighborhood News” training partnerships. Here’s a short list of what we have accomplished with your help:
  • Replaced well-worn video production equipment at the Coloma Community Center empowering thousands of community volunteer producers and guests.
  • Conducted ongoing equipment training for staff and volunteers on new equipment with no significant down time or facility closures.
  • Updated the remote multi-camera production equipment on the Hometown-TV and Game-of the-Week production truck and continued to produce 65 events in the process.
  • Launched the successful www.AccessLocal.tv web site in partnership with Video Streaming Services Company inviting multiple partner organizations in South Sacramento who in turn created more than 500 new blogs, press releases, and videos during the past 12 months.
  • Shared all this new digital content with major media outlets including the Sacramento Bee (“Sacramento Connects”), KXTV News10-ABC (“My Neighborhood”) and SacPress.com. Most messages were from underserved communities in South Sacramento.
  • Established video production training and community journalism programs in partnership with five diverse South Sac agencies and institutions (Pannell Center, Southgate Parks and Rec, La Familia Family Services, Asian Resources, Inc., and Valley Hi-North Laguna Library).
  • Received grant funding ($100,000 for two-years 2010-12) from The California Endowment (TCE) in South Sacramento, inviting teens to help document “Neighborhood News” and further organize efforts by a “Building Healthy Communities” HUB site.
  • Organized with the leadership of U.C. Davis School of Education, two successful “Youth Media Forums” May, 2010 at KCRA Channel 3 and May, 2011 at the Sacramento Bee. Planning is underway for the third event at The Sacramento Press – SacPress.com – May 11, 2012 in partnership with Sacramento City Unified Schools and UC Davis.
  • Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Access Sacramento (March 12, 2011) with an Open House showcasing how local social media and NPO’s are utilizing their web sites to expand their visibility in the larger community. Major TV and News organizations also demonstrated their online capabilities – a unique, annual event in our region. The next Open House will be Saturday June 2nd from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
  • Produced and hosted the 11th and 12th years of the “Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival. Over the twelve years, our volunteers have successfully completed 119 films out of 120 scripts selected. This event is unique to our community and has supported hundreds of new local filmmakers and helped start several additional film festivals. Year 13 will be celebrated at the Crest October 7, 2012.
  • Documented significant increases in viewers of our channel 17 web streaming and “On-Demand” orders for our programming through Comcast’s Xfinity digital services. We are the only public access organization to have this “On-Demand” relationship with Comcast.
  • All of the above has been achieved with no increase to our Operations budget and with status quo staffing of five FT and six PT staff, unchanged in the last seven years.
In the coming weeks, we will share more details including the exciting plans to extend the “Neighborhood News” project to other areas of Sacramento County. Thank you again for helping us continue, making a difference, one voice at a time.

Statistics and Growth in 2011-12
The new aggregated web site has demonstrated steady growth in the first year of operation. The public launch of the site was March 12, 2011 at our Open House. As additional NNB member institutions contribute even greater content, we expect these numbers to grow exponentially. Currently, the average number of daily visits to the web site top 495.
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