Hope all is well with you out there in radioland.

Thanks to all of you for the great shows you make and share with us.  “You Are The Voice…” to borrow a line from Heart’s song of the same name.

First of all let me take time to congratulate the newest programs on The Voice.

  • Monday’s 5-6 PM is “Morris League Dugout” featuring local league baseball.
  • Wednesdays 5-7 PM will host the first live shows from Mike Ward – “Lets Talk”.
  • Saturdays Patrick M will feature “Financial Power Hour” from 2-3 PM.

All of these shows are live and we wish them well.  The weekly lineup is getting stronger all the time.  The station is really getting great and we have YOU to thank for it.  Currently we produce over 60 hours of original program per week.  Great work.  Most days are at least 8 hours of great new stuff.

Congratulations go out to all the new radio programmers who completed their training in recent months. Good Luck to all on your new adventure.

  • January – JoAnn Fuller (Access Sacramento Board Chair) and Manly Wong. JoAnn will co-host “Tipping Point” with Charlene Jones.
  • February – Congratulations to Rachael & George off to a great start.
  • March – Congratulations also to the graduates of the March Radio Class Brian McKinsey, Russell Manning, Jesse JD. Alverez, and Ann “Darlene” King.

We have a new audio board in Studio One. Some of the new features of Studio 1 are:  support for auxiliary devices like computers and mp3 players, phone capable so you can intimate phone calls, two mic positions online at all times. (mic 2 is patchable) to name just a few.  See the videos at www.youtube.com/sacvoice.

Working together with radio engineer Tim Parish, we spent 24 hours to install the gear over the weekend. Phyllis Cupparo was the first to use the studio just after we finished.

Updates – “The Voice and Social Media – Radio meetings are now online. Thanks go out to all who made the virtual meeting Wednesday March 14th. If you missed it, check www.anymeeting.com/sacvoice for the March 14 recording and notice of future meetings.

Want to hear The Voice on your mobile phone? Don’t expect to see our station listed in the Live365 Directory but we are there.  If you would like to use one of the apps and can’t lock onto our feed, see me and we’ll work it out. Click HERE for live365.

For all you social networking fans.  The Voice is now up on Facebook and Twitter.


If you have been following our adventures with the Prometheus Webinars on LPFM, you’ll be excited to check out these links to the latest webinar.  This one was held on February 6th and talks about locating tower and transmitter sites. Enjoy.


IT’S GAME ON FOR LPFM. –  We’ll keep you informed, but it’s safe to say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this.  Perhaps by this time next year we’ll be hearing all your programs on a new terrestrial FM service.  Stay Tuned.