Today was a special day for the Tiny Tots Program at the Coloma Community Center.  The children learned about a lot of different things: singing, letters, and even gardening.   What you may not know is that their teacher, Ms. Becky, is the niece of a Cesar Chavez, a great leader and farm worker.  As a child, Ms. Becky remembers walking with her Uncle Cesar side-by-side on picket lines and helping plant.

Ms. Becky and Ms. Acasia worked with the kids today.  They learned about gardening and growing their own plants.  They will be putting them into their new community garden and planting other seeds as well.  This special ceremony was joined by Councilmember Kevin McCarty (District 6) who helped with the dedication.

This makes the dedication to the “Tiny Tots Community Garden” extra special and they were thankful to the folks who made it possible, such as Councilmember McCarty, Sutter Medical Center and the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447.

So remember next time you are at Access Sacramento checking out equipment, at our “A Place Called Sacramento” Cast and Crew Call, please come by and visit the “Tiny Tots Community Garden”.  And remember “It is a Small World After All”….