The Sacramento Sheriff’s Activities League is a juvenile gang and crime prevention program that relies on athletic and academic activities to develop a bond between law enforcement officers and the youth in our community.

SAL is working to bridge the gap between law enforcement, kids, and the community through these positive activities, and by establishing mentoring relationships. Their mission is to develop productive citizens, build character, and prevent crime. Studies have shown that children who interact with law enforcement officers in a positive way go on to become better citizens as adults.

As one of the most integral components of the education system, youth sports programs have contributed significantly to the reduction of juvenile delinquency. That is why SAL is hosting free weekly basketball programs in Oak Park at the Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center.

Each Friday, from 6-8:30 pm, children ages 8-15 are welcome to attend SAL’s “Friday Night Madness”. Besides the basketball skills competition and pick-up games, attendees are also offered “Life Lessons” to encourage positive behavior once they return to their communities. The Life lessons include discussion about gangs and drug awareness, the value of staying in school and getting good grades, peer pressure, being kind to others, goal setting and never giving up on your dreams.

To find out more about the Friday Night Madness program, visit the SAL website by clicking here, or call 916-627-5606.

For a printable flyer about Friday Night Madness that you can share, click here.