what would you say if you picked up your phone

and you found out your baby was not coming home

would look for excuses as to why this went down

would you try to find reasons that could not be found

would it matter he was suspended, whether not it is true

smoking weed, skipping class, things teenagers do

would it matter he’s no angel and did some things wrong

or would all that matters is your baby is gone

what if Trayvon were a dog, would George Z. be in jail

if he fought dogs in his spare time and played ball, NFL

what if George Z. was black and Trayvon he was white

would this change all our minds bout’ what happened that night

what if he were Samoan and George Z. was Chinese

would people still care or would it put them at ease

what if Trayvon were gay and George Z was a Jew

tell me what in the hell does that have to do

with the subject at hand, which is murder no doubt

killed by neighborhood watch while out and about

what if things went much deeper, and the world came to us

would they excuse their behavior while betraying our trust

what if George Z. was Afghan and trained to do harm

and Trayvon was a village of people unarmed

would we dive into their past back till God knows how long

and try to find everything that they ever did wrong

what if race didn’t matter and we were all the same color

what if every man and woman was my sister or brother

what if the pledge of allegiance adorned every wall

and in all caps would be “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”

and the hatred we are spewing and the ignorance said

was erased from our vocabularies and gone from our head

and the world was all love and was rid of all bad

every kid has a home with a good mom and a dad

and the evil would subside and the bad people would go

and then love peace and joy would be all that we know

but alas this can’t be, and it is what it is

and there will always be monsters as long as there’s kids

what if Sanford was Sacramento and Trayvon was your son

and George Z. was your neighbor who was holding the gun

what if Trayvon was a girl named Sierra LaMar

and instead of being shot, he was pulled in a car

what if he was Dwight Stallings, who was born right here

an infant from Sacramento, missing almost a year

or Jessica Funk-Haslam, for whom little’s been said

last seen at her house, found in a park dead

what if instead of finding justice, the system hit the brakes

and started digging through their past for all their mistakes

what if all of them had issues, did they all deserve this

would the case against their suspects be promptly dismissed

what if we stopped focusing on the throwing of dirt

and we focused now on the pain and the hurt

that was caused by these young lives being taken away

with hope turning to despair more and more everyday

what if our wrong way of thinking is keeping us from the right

what if throwing more food doesn’t stop a food fight

what if we stopped complaining about what we don’t do

and realize that the change starts right here with you

in seeking justice not for one, but for all of our kids

and worried less about “what if”, and more about “what is”.

By Sergio Villarreal