This week, participants in La Familia’s Youth Voice program were asked to take one photo of their neighborhood to capture something that was important or relevant to their daily life. Here are two examples of their work:

G. Aguilar – This picture was taken on March 18 around 4 p.m. These exact apartemnts are the local kick it spot on my street. I live on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Usually around 7ish to 8ish that’s when everyone starts coming and we all go to the liqour store down the street to buy a bunch of food to sit outside and eat. Or we go down to Harvest Foods and buy a ton of meat to BBQ and enjoy the evening together. The people that live there have the most upbeat atittudes. They’re always so cheerful and welcoming to newcomers who come and spend the evenings with us. Usually the smell is a mixture of BBQ and cigarettes because of the people who smoke around us. All the sounds that surround us is mainly laughter and kids yelling. This is the best spot to come to when you go to Oak Park.

H. and K. Lor – This field was on the edge of dying but a miracle happened! The field was brought back to life with the rain last week. Now it is fill with greenery everywhere which is a good sight for people to see life. Many people, such as myself, thought nothing of this field until one of my Youth Voice mentors mentioned that even the smallest thing in a neighborhood can have a big impact on life. The picture my sister and I took represents nature’s blessings on a land that was neither alive or dead. Now the field is fill with much vegetation and even birds and bugs calls the new field a home.