“Chronic Pain Affects More Americans than Diabetes”

LiveWire takes a bit more serious turn this week when we welcome guests involved in the Sacramento Chronic Pain Sufferers Initiative. We will be visited by guests who are working along with The American Foundation of Chronic Care and Assembly-member Jared Huffman. The guests will be on the show to talk about the bill AB369 and chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, and more. Guests include Cynthia Toussaint, a bill sponsor, who will speak about the bill and how it will help pain sufferers in California, Dr. Vinay Reddy, a local doctor working with pain sufferers here in Sacramento, and Henry Contreras, chronic pain patient and initiative supporter who will share his story and tell us how the bill can help others like him. Watch LiveWire to find out more about AB369 for Chronic Pain Sufferers.

For more information on this initiative please visit http://www.californiaprogressreport.com

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*factoid in title was furnished by representatives for the bill AB369.