On Sunday March 18 at 5:00 PM, watch as 25 local high school teams of the brightest students in our area battle in the annual academic decathlon competition.  Held this year at Inderkum High School on February 4, the “Super Quiz” is a “Jeopardy!” style question and answer competition involving hundreds of students. The event is the highlight of an all-day academic event that takes months of preparation and study. The County Office of Education organizes the action and keeps it fair and fun for all.

You can play along and keep score. How would you and your family fare as a “team” against these bright youngsters? It gets “loud” as the correct answers appear on a jumbo screen and winning teams celebrate. Each team has their “fans”, classmates and family, rooting for their favorites.

It is the “sporting event of the year” for team mascots, each with banners, and signs. More than 300 students vie for individual and team honors and the “best of the best” move on to Northern California playoffs just like other team sports.

Tune-in and enjoy 120 minutes of excitement, enthusiasm, and competitive action thanks to the Hometown-TV crew. Another example of “March Madness”.