Making its Sacramento debut in 2007, the 48 Hour Film Festival offers the opportunity for budding filmmakers and professionals alike to get down to the nitty gritty in a two-day challenge that tests both skill and will.
Competitors are tasked with making a film from start to finish in 48 hours, which includes writing the script, shooting the footage, and editing the film to its final cut. Although casting and location scouting is allowed ahead of time, 4 required elements ensure the filmmaking can’t truly begin until the first day of competition.

Get all news for 2012 48 Hours Sac Here: Cast and Crew Call is March 23 and filming weekend starts March 30! Check it out:
  • 2010 saw 23 teams participate and 17 awesome films!!
  • 2011 saw 33 teams start and 24 awesome films completd
The competition is FREE to everyone and finished films are GUARANTEED A SCREENING at the 2012 Sacramento International Film Festival, plus one winner will be crowned Best 48-Hour Film
Come to our Cast and Crew Call March 23rd
Learn the rules, find a crew and have BIG FUN!
questions: 916-524-5138