Workers are diligently moving along in the Access Sacramento Membership Office. The floors are being repaired  and walls being freshly painted after 25 years and the room is being upgraded while preserving the historic building’s integrity. The employees of Access Sacramento worked hard to move everything out of the office and are ahead of schedule allowing for the city to move in for upgrades and repairs early. The membership Office is temporarily located inside the Media Lab located on the 46th Street side of the Coloma Community Center. The Access Studio is acting as temporary storage for our office desks, but TV Shows are still being recorded this month and live shows are still taking place. Producers are being creative with the new temporary layout and production continues as normal. Our new Administrative Office is working out great , too! Our Executive Director, Ron Cooper is enjoying his new office and our techie, EJ Harrison is enjoying the new office space as well. If you’re looking for our Programming Director, T.D. Trice, you’ll find him in the new Admin Office for the time being.

When we are all finished the upgraded Membership Office will house the Membership Front Desk, Programming, and the LiveWire desk, as well as a multi-use area for small classes and occasional ‘green room’ use for TV and radio productions.

We look forward to showing you the new space next time you drop in to join or re-new your membership.

Stay tuned for updates as work progresses.