The Fresh Producers Club at Hiram Johnson High School sponsored a booth at the February 29th Kings Family Fun Night.  The students that participate in the Fresh Producers Club purchased organic walnuts, almonds and raisins from the Capay Valley Farm Shop which they then assembled into a home-made trail mix. They also distributed Cuties tangerines which they obtained from General Produce.

Every person who did ten jumping jacks received a bag of trail mix and one Cutie for their effort. Fresh Producers also distributed nutritional information and encouraged other Hiram Johnson students to get involved with with the group. The event was very well attended with students, their families, teachers and staff all making the rounds of various booths, learning about health and nutrition, physical activity and shooting basketball.

Fresh Producers had one of the most popular booths of the entire event, distributing nearly 75 pounds of trail mix and another 40 pounds of Cutie tangerines.

By Claudia Reid