Working closely with the City of Sacramento, Access Sacramento will be adding a fifth room to our operations at the Coloma Center. Known as the “Rough & Ready” room, the renovated space next to the Media Lab (Mariposa Room) will become the new office space for the Executive Director and other staff. Additionally, the current office space will be renovated with new paint and carpet, the first time in 25 years.

This will mean major disruption to our normal activities for at least one month. Starting Tuesday February 21 and continuing for at least 5 weeks, we will be moving EVERYTHING out of the existing office, permitting City staff to complete renovations, and then moving Membership services and Programming Department back into the freshly painted space. By moving Ron Cooper and Liz Harrison into the Rough and Ready Room, approximately 1/3 of the renovated office space will be available for small group meetings and occasional use as a much needed “green room” for our studio productions.

From February 27 until end of March, Studio productions will need to work in a smaller space than they are accustomed to using. We will continue to do small talk and interview programs but larger production efforts should be postponed until April..

The estimated timeline for these changes is as follows – we ask for your patience and understanding in the process.

Feb. 21-24 — Move small items and loose paper to “Rough & Ready (R&R) Room” and begin dismantling furniture in Office
Feb. 27-March 2 —  Move out furniture from Office and temporarily store in TV studio and R&R rooms
March 5-9 — Finalize all moving leaving Office empty in preparation for renovation
March 12-23 — City staff paints and carpets Office space.
March 26-March 30 — Move back into Office Membership and Programming Services.

During these exciting but stressful times, we ask for your cooperation and patience. Much is involved, and disruptions will occur but the end result will be worthwhile.