“It was a very tough decision to choose the winners of The Sacramento Press 2012 Journalism Open.

Fifty-three community contributors shared 93 stories about the greater Sacramento area and the quality of submissions this year really impressed the judges.

Thank you to all of you who made this year’s Journalism Open a success.

The Sacramento Press judges were Casey Kirk, Director of Community Outreach, Brandon Darnell, Copy Editor and Reporter, and Colleen Belcher, Editor-in-Chief.

Each story was judged on newsworthiness, research and sources, spelling and grammar and how interesting they were. Each winner could only win one prize. Click here to read the complete judging criteria.

First place and $600 went to Ron Cooper for his story, “10 Reasons Why a 50-Year Parking Agreement is Bad for Sacramento.” Ron’s article was a thoughtful and thorough analysis of Sacramento and why its residents don’t need a 50-year parking agreement. His story was very timely and showed a genuine knowledge of and concern for the city of Sacramento…”

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