Check out this article about the Crocker Art Museum’s PCS event, featured in the Sac City Express:

A Place Called Sacramento Hits Home – Local Film Crew Showcased At Festival

By Online Staff of Sac City Express

Local landmarks and actors were showcased on the silver screen as the Crocker Art Museum hosted the 12th annual A Place Called Sacramento film festival Feb. 2 in collaboration with Access Sacramento, the local public access television station.

The sleek, modern auditorium was packed with local actors, directors, moviegoers and Crocker members through 105 minutes of 10 film shorts – 10-minutes each – of varying genres.

As part of the Crocker’s Thursdays ’til 9 series, drama gave way to horror and mystery, but the audience found themselves humored with nearly every film.

“Am I in hell?” asked the hallucinating drunkard in “The Watering Hole.”
“No, you’re still in Sacramento,” replied a man at the bar.
The audience erupted with hysterical laughter.
“I’m not a Sacramento native, so hearing about this film festival…