Hiram Johnson students learn about food production

Four Sacramento City Unified School District campuses, Oak Ridge and Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary, Will C. Wood Middle School, and Hiram Johnson High School, have teamed with the organization Fresh Producers in order to help provide delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables with the people who want them, while at the same time teaching various professional skills and raising money for future activities.

At Hiram Johnson High School and at Will C. Wood Middle School, Fresh Producers student club members have been ramping up sales, selling “Buyers’ Club” memberships to teachers, parents, staff and neighbors. Each Buyers’ Club member recieves a huge bag twice a month full of nutritious, healthy fruit and vegetables, and the students then add 20% of the sales value into an account to spend on future field trips and other activities. For example the students at Will C. Wood plan to spend their earnings by attending a science camp in June, and Hiram Johnson students are putting together an exciting trip to a college campus and an organic farm.

Students in all four schools learn about food production, local and industrial agriculture, why it’s important to be active and to eat good food. They get to prepare and eat food that comes from the local farmers’ market, and at 2 of the schools, they are planting a school garden.

Just this month, Fresh Producers’ Managing Director, Claudia Reid, participated in the Eco-Farm Conference, where she participated in panel discussions about food hubs, discussions about farmers selling healthy food directly to schools, and talks about food access, hunger, and food justice. Many of the other attendees Reid met at the conference are also excited about what Fresh Producers does in Sacramento, and want to work directly with us to provide good food to our schools.

For more information about the Fresh Producers program, visit their website at www.freshproducers.org.