The Sacramento River Cats Clubhouse hosted a press conference organized by the Sacramento Sierra Digital Arts Partnership and welcomed video production teams from local area high schools including Center, Franklin, Christian Brothers and Bella Vista. The host Dr. Bill Bronston organized the event and explained SSDAP’s goals. “Today we launch a region-wide, sustained, digital media arts literacy campaign to build 21st century jobs, economic development, and community transformation. We celebrate with other organizations celebrating National Digital Literacy Day from the Capitol City of California”.

Access Sacramento Executive Director Ron Cooper, was one of several speakers. Cooper described how youth, using skills, training and new digital technologies to make positive impacts on our neighborhoods. “Using the new web site, youth are creating digital stories about their concerns and interests in partnership with South Sacramento organizations. “Once posted to the web site from any computer or smart phone,” Cooper continued, “the content is also shared with local media organizations such as the Sacramento Bee and KXTV News10. Working together, we are using teens and new technology to better tell ‘Neighborhood News”.

Other speakers, each discussing education, job creation, and the importance of learning digital production skills in our schools, included Alison Wells (SSDAP Youth Coordinator), Christina Marie (Cowtown Films), Matt Cervantes (Sierra Health Foundation), Roy Grimes (Chair District 3 of the Parent Teachers Association – PTA), and Dave Gordon (Sacramento County Office of Education Superintendent of Schools). For more information, contact Dr. Bronston at