Sunday, February 12 – 7:30pm
Admission: $5.00
MOBS at The Guild 2828 35th St, Sacto, CA

Right around Valentine’s Day, we like to show some kind of movie that might make your date a little uncomfortable with your idea of romance, so this year, we’ll be showing this silent classic! If you remove all of the violence, murder, mayhem and obsession, this IS a romantic movie. But there is the aforementioned violence, murder, mayhem and obsession… The film launched Lon Chaney as a worldwide superstar and is noted for the amazing makeup effects used by Chaney. For “Hunchback,” he wore a 70 pound hump and designed a torturous leather harness which forced his body into the hunched position he maintains throughout the film. This was also one of Forrest J. Ackerman’s favorite films! So bring a date, or just bring yourself and see this classic in a theater! Due to the length of the film, this will be starting VERY close to 7:30 PM.